Youtube – the social environment you should focus now!

ytTrends are predicting Youtube will grow massively over the next few years and it’s expecting to actually replace TV, regarding both shows but also advertising.

In fact, research says that over 1 billion people are using Youtube already and there are 4 billion video views every day and that’s exactly why Volvo, BMW and a lot of other huge companies are starting to shift their focus from TV to online marketing, because their audience is there.

So here are 3 steps that you should take right away if you haven’t started using Youtube.

1. Create your own Youtube channel and start adding videos that inform, educate and entartain your potential clients.

2. Focus on building a big subscriber list there and incentivize them in any way you can, so that you have more chances of converting a simple viewer of your videos to a raving fan.

3. Promote your videos in every way you can and try to incorporate them into your overall marketing strategy, so that you kickstart your channel

The main goal is you need to start creating your own Youtube channel and start building a audience for you, your products and your business.

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Social media and your business

If you have a business, either online or offline, and you’re not using social media to promote it then you’re making a mistake that might cost you a lot on the long term.

You see, social media is made out of people like me and you, who are buying products and services, not only online, but also in the real world.

If you don’t have a strategy to get in front of them, help them and potentially get their business, then you are walking on shaky grounds.

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